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Benefits of a Personal Trainer

Here is most people’s pitfall when considering to hire a personal trainer...are you listening?

You probably think you know it all right? You’ve read the last 10 issues of men’s health/women’s health and you think you now know what exercises to do and how much to push yourself for the best results.


Unfortunately, the articles you read in most health magazines are quoting short-term studies which are heavily biased to supplement companies in order to suck you into buying their products. If the advertisers make money from their ads in the magazines that means they will be spending more with that health magazine and cycle is very biased.

If you really want to educate yourself about health sciences, nutrition, exercise physiology and the biochemistry involved with it all then your best step is to go to university/college for this or on the other hand hire a trainer who has already done this for you right?

The real truth is that if it were a simple formula then more people would be suiting a 6-pack, but to get to this level and putting it all together takes a lot of studying and practical experience. That is after-all why Olympic athletes have highly educated and experienced trainers too!

When I was starting out and shadowed a personal trainer for the first time, I was completely floored at how much benefit I gained from their teachings. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Awareness of proper form when doing an exercise – even when you have a mirror in front of you, chances are you aren’t completely aware of your form, a personal trainer will shine a light on this matter. In the long run having proper form means less injury and better results guaranteed.

  • Incredible motivation factor – there are days when you are just going to feel bored or unmotivated to do your workout. Having a personal trainer will spike your energy and motivation so much that all your stresses and uncertainties in a gym will fade away. This is great way to boost your self confidence!

  • Take you to new levels – sure you think you are pushing yourself pretty hard, but you also feel like you’re not getting the results you should be getting. A good personal trainer will push you to new levels and get you out of any plateau.

  • Add variety to your workouts – since good personal trainers are on top of the latest techniques and exercises to improve your performance in sports and strengthen your muscles safely, they will have a lot of different suggestions on how to add variety and keep evolving your workouts and keep them interesting.

  • Track your success – personal trainers will track the different workouts that you are doing and how many reps and what weights you are using so every few months they can provide you with a measurement of your gains.

Some of you may have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on diet pills and gimmicky muscle building supplements, but wouldn’t your money be better spent on a personal trainer who can help you attain your goals naturally?

In closing, have you tried working out with a trainer? Maybe now is your time.


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